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Guardforce Macau Showcased Innovative Waste Management and Smart Hygiene Solutions at MIECF 2024

Guardforce Macau Showcased Innovative Waste Management and Smart Hygiene Solutions at MIECF 2024Guardforce Macau participated in the highly anticipated Macao International Environmental Co-operation Forum & Exhibition (MIECF) 2024. The event took place from March 28th to March 30th at Corti Expo in Macau.

Guardforce Macau showcased its latest innovations in waste management solutions, including the Auto-sorting Recycling Bin, Food Waste Collection Bin, Smart Waste Bin, and disinfection robot. These cutting-edge advancements in smart hygiene tools aim to revolutionize waste management practices and enhance cleanliness and hygiene in various environments.

The Auto-sorting Recycling Bin is designed to streamline the recycling process by automatically sorting different types of recyclable materials, reducing manual sorting efforts and promoting efficient recycling practices. The Food Waste Collection Bin offers a hygienic and odor-free solution for collecting and managing food waste, contributing to a greener and more sustainable environment.Guardforce Macau's Smart Waste Bin combines advanced sensors and data analytics to optimize waste collection routes and improve operational efficiency.

The Plasma Air Sterilizing Robot uses high-voltage ionization to release high-concentration plasma that deactivates and eliminates bacteria. It is harmless to humans while sterilizing a space effectively, ideal for malls, hotels, schools, hospitals, food factories and other large-scale facilities.

MIECF 2024 is an internationally recognized platform that brings together industry leaders, government officials, and environmental experts to exchange ideas, discuss emerging trends, and promote sustainable development. Guardforce Macau's participation in this event underscores its dedication to environmental sustainability and ongoing efforts to contribute to a greener and cleaner Macau.


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