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Round-the-clock Risk-free Security Monitoring at your service

A state-of-art surveillance system and CCTV system work well to protect your premises and assets. However you still need to have a professional team to monitor them constantly and take prompt action to respond to an alarm in case of emergency and when irregularities are detected. This can be managed in-house if you have a large security team, but for most corporations, retailers and even residential developments, it may not be cost-effective to do so. Outsourcing the monitoring to a reliable and professional service provider is a perfect solution giving you peace of mind round the clock, 365 days a year.

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Why do you need security systems monitoring for your premises?

There are various benefits for installing an alarm and surveillance system at your premises and connecting it to a reliable monitoring centre. 

  • Deter break-ins effectively
  • Detect irregularities promptly
  • Reduce cost of insurance significantly if you choose a reliable provider
  • Premises are always under secured monitoring even when the premises are not manned

Operating in Macau since 1990, Guardforce offers the ultimate professional Central Monitoring Centre support to our customers with non-stop alarm monitoring in the most professional and secure way. Whether for casinos, multinational corporations, local retailers or SMEs, we have solutions catering to your needs,  the security level required, budget, etc.

We offer internet and land lines catering to general cost-effective usage, as well as dedicated private lease lines for high-level secure needs.

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Why Choose Guardforce?

  • Trusted – the first security company in Macau and now one of the biggest security companies in Macau
  • Professional – experts in the field and experienced in managing risks
  • One-stop solution – use our alarm and surveillance electronic security solutions, and your system will be directly linked to our Central Monitoring Centre hassle-free
  • Reliable – all employees are vetted and professionally trained for the service
  • Comprehensive – ensuring clients’ premises are always kept safe at optimal level, we offer a range of comprehensive services such as reporting, key holding, regular system maintenance and patrol services if needed.

A complete security solution

Check out our electronic security solutions and how they can be combined with our monitoring centre service to offer you an end-to-end complete solution to protect your premises at all times and worry-free.

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