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Elderly citizens who have contributed much to the community all their life deserve attentive and safe care. Guardforce Macau cares about Macau’s senior citizens and helps elderly homes reinforce safety for their residents with innovative tools offering specific functions. They are non-intrusive and cost-efficient, giving residents the freedom to move about and still being watched out for safety.

ANTI-WANDERING SOLUTION ensures No more undetected exits

Guardforce Macau’s sophisticated anti-wandering solution is the first in Macau. The solution overlays a facial recognition function on a facility’s CCTV network to keep watch of a care home’s exits. Residents do not need to wear any devices. When they walk near a monitored exit, an alert will be sent to the central monitoring station to inform caregivers.

It’s a handy tool for monitoring exits to prevent elderly residents from wandering off unguarded. There are no blind spots, so that residents can move around freely and are still under watchful eyes at all time. No wearables are required, which represents a cost-saving for not having to buy replacement parts.

It is ideal for other care facilities in Macau too, such as those for the physically or mentally disabled, to minimise the risks of service users wandering off unaccompanied and getting hurt.

Get bonus function for tracking attendance

The versatile anti-wandering system can also track the attendance of staff. Day centres can use the system to record the attendance of service users, and the data can be conveniently extracted to compile attendance reports as required by Macau’s regulatory authorities. When the attendance tracking record shows a service user is attending less regularly, follow-up action can be planned accordingly.

Award-winning solution delivers multiple benefits

The Guardforce Macau solution benefits not only service users but also staff, as they will feel less pressured and stressed to keep an eye on service users. Instead, they can use their professional skills in on other important care duties.

The solution has won a range of awards, including as the finalist of 7th Asia Pacific Eldercare Innovation Awards 2019 and a Certificate of Merit of the 2017 Hong Kong Awards for Industries – Innovation and Creativity, as well as 2019 Macau Business Award – 2019 Gold Award of Innovation.

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